AbenaShearPhysique specializes in hair care and styling of all types. Her styling expertise focuses primarily on toupee creation and installation, cuts, weave ins, up-dos and coloring. Contrary to popular belief, Abena’s ascension to the beautician chair was not an easy one. The bumps and hurdles she encountered while attaining her licensure would have stopped many, but not Abena. Due to family obligations, Abena took a 1.5 year hiatus from school. Upon her return she found out that she had to complete an additional 500 hours on top of the 987 she already had in order to receive her license. Rather than letting this news defeat her, Abena went on to complete these additional hours and successfully attained her license in 4 short months. This of many experiences falls in line with her motto "Sure my life isn't perfect, but my hair is". Abena works hard to ensure all of her clients leave her chair with 100% satisfaction, style and grace.  There are many things one can't control in life. Your hair shouldn't be one of them.